Historically, Gaia was the ancient Greek Goddess of Earth who was the “first to arise from chaos.” Yet, the term "Gaia" is even older than Greece. A thousand years earlier in India, Gaya meant “Moving Song,” and, as the Gayatri Mantra, was the first hymn to arise from the original seed sound of “Om.”


The Pulses of the Earth (Beans, Lentils, Chic Peas)
The Earth Pulses has a beat, a breath. The Earth is alive.


The Greeks from the ancient times recognised the numerous advantages of eating pulses, so they cultivated them with passion.

There was a ceremony dedicated to the god Apollo, the second most important god after Zeus, during which the Athenians thanked him for the Harvest by preparing a bean stew for the entire city.

Even Theseus cooked one of those stews with the few beans he had left in his boat to thank Apollo after he returned from Crete after killing the notorious Minotaur.


Gaia is the ancient name for Earth

The mother of us all, our life, our home and our bread

Pulses because she has a heart

And she is not just waters and mud

She is trying to wake us all up

And remind us we are one

One with our love and that we shouldn’t give up


At Gaia Pulses we cook the Earth’s pulses

And through her made for humans food

Fulfil her wishes and spread her love to the masses

Beans, Lentils, Chick Peas and other seeds

Is what generations were being brought up with

When they didn’t have the money or the TVs

But they were healthy and happy

Living in harmony with the Earth not so far away

People had animals as brothers, sharing doors

Hanging out in the fields and growing crops


People and trees

Were dancing in circles

Singing songs about birds and seas

Holding their hands high

Looking at the sky at night

Fulfilled with gratitude and pride


My Grandmother was telling me stories

About this old-style life in the island

So they are real and quite relevant

She is the one who taught me how to dance

And cook along with mum


And told me how she learnt all her special tricks

From her mum, my grand-grand mum

So here I am flowing with Gaia up high

Cause when the hope was about to cry

These stories came to mind

And these old recipes back to life

Cooking for meaning

And for helping others who also try

Let them know there is still light

And that the more we love the more it becomes bright


Join us! Come and dance into our circle

And you will see how we are all related

And how then we all become a big one

Only with the power of our love

Enjoy your meal!

-- Yolanda